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    As Low As $9.99*
    Create A Part is affordable 3D Printing
    Helping Students and Educators bring their 3D CAD model creations
    into the physical world for as low as $9.99* for a 3D printed part
    Instant Online Quote
  • Create-A-Part
    Now you can make more!
    Affordable 3D printing for Students and educators
    Print your school project and make it real with Create A Part
    Instant Online Quote

Affordable Prototyping

We have the lowest prices in the industry! This helps you create even more.

Instant Online Ordering

Simply upload your STL file and you will get an instant online quote for your project.

Customer Support

We have online support for your project, just sent us an email and we will get back to you in less than 1 business day

How it Works?

For Students and Educators Only

In an effort to help schools in advancing the introduction and teaching of engineering, CAD and 3D printing programs, we at Create-A-Part have provided an easy-to-use portal to upload, print and ship your 3D CAD creation at the lowest possible price. Create-A-Part understands the tight budgets that schools are under, as well as their students and teachers. Here is how we are able to offer such great savings:

* Rules for the $9.99 printed part:

  • Part must be 3 cubic inches or less and fit within a 5x5x3 build print envelope.
  • Part will be printed in PLA material
  • Color will be Gray
  • Part will be removed with any support material still attached and will be shipped as it comes off of the printer. (This helps keep your cost down and protects your part from being unintentionally damaged)

    A small charge or charges will apply if your part needs to be printed outside the rules above. (See options on Quote section)